© 2020 by Megan M. Muller

I consider myself a 'Jill of All Trades.'

My experience is in content development, project management,
company culture, and engagement.

With a journalism background, I have had the opportunity to work
in pharmaceutical advertising and medical publishing but use my
skills in all the roles I've had.


My passion is people - making them feel valued and engaged,
and helping companies acquire and retain great talent.


In my spare time, I enjoy blogging, helping my clients feel and
look their best, and saving my dog from all the thunderstorms. 

I thrive in environments where I can excel. Working in UX for a new Website, presenting in front of a large crowd about customer service,
and throwing employee appreciation events are just a few of the
things I love about my profession.


Social Media Marketing

Whether working my side hustle or working for a client, I know what the target audience wants and how they want to receive the information.


Website Design &
Content Development



It's not about what you say, it's how you say it. I have a keen eye for spelling/grammar mistakes and thrive off a well put together brand style guide.


What my colleagues have said

Megan was one of those rare gems who could wear a hundred different hats, and do so successfully and gracefully. She quickly became a jack-of-all-trades at our agency, who excelled at projects involving attention to detail and organization. She was a critical force in the
day-to-day operations of our agency's social media
efforts, as well as our internal staff training initiatives.
If you are looking for a great communicator who can
also manage multiple tasks with a contagious smile and positive outlook, look no further than Megan Muller. 

—  Brian Raineri, Executive Vice President & Managing Director