I started my career during my senior year of college, working as an assistant editor for a peer-reviewed medical journal that focused on veteran health. I am a writer and editor by trade with a passion for creative expression and all things social media. My father is an army veteran, so naturally, the subject was near and dear to my heart.


From there I moved onto pharmaceutical advertising, focusing on medical education and promotional content. You name it, and we did it. One moment I'd be fact-checking a slide deck (some may call it a PowerPoint) to be presented in front of cardiologists, and the next I'd be conducting UAT on a website or app. It was a fun job that I learned a lot at.


Most recently I have spread my wings from simply writing and editing to focus heavily on employee experience, Human Resources communications, and the ins and outs of non-profit hospitals. This has been my most rewarding company so far, and I can't wait to tell you more about how I've grown in this position since my first few months in it. 


On a personal level, you can typically find me at my home in New Jersey with my Cairn Terrier snuggled soundly on my lap or walking the neighborhood trying to catch squirrels (the dog does the chasing; I'm just along for the ride).


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